Tips for writing STUDENT LETTERS
Please write a small narrative with your concerns,
below are only ideas.

It is a good opportunity to teach children about community involvement.

There are two ways to submit letters:
         1. Written testimony
         2. Personal emails


Submit written testimony to All Board members have access to this
account and will read all testimony submitted.

Written testimony will not be edited before posting online—no personal information will be
removed. It is highly recommended that testimony sent via email be submitted as an
All written testimony should include your full name(s) and polygon number.

SUBJECT LINE: Oppose Dr. Martirano’s Redistricting Proposal

Send to personal emails:

Below is a list of email addresses of individual BOE members:

It is imperative that we stay focused on factual reasons for not redistricting, and we must refrain from any comments that may be perceived as offensive or mean. ALWAYS BE KIND.

  1. Talk about commute to and from school:
    EXAMPLES : How much free time do you have to do kid activities? Read a  book, play outside, play with siblings/pets, watch TV?

         a. What time you wake up now for bus and length of commute.
         b. What time you go to sleep after activities and Homework
         c. What time would you have to wake up for a longer commute?

         d. Would your clubs or sports team affiliation be possible if you were unable  

             to get a ride from after school activities?
         e. Currently we could walk to after school employment and internships.
         f. My parents work and can’t drive me to after school opportunities.
         g. Busy schedule and do not want to spend more time on a long bus route.
         h. Why do we have to have the longest bus route in the county? Equity?

     2. How changing High Schools would impact you personally:
        EXAMPLES :

        a. Separated from friends and relationships.
        b. Added anxiety of starting at a new High School. (colleges look at these

        c. Emotional Well-being
        d. Our siblings/Family have attended this High School. Cheered for
            teams/Participated/envisioned our chance to participate
        e. Separated from your neighbors and community.
        f. Affiliations with sports teams
        g. Affiliations with Clubs and positions, some elected positions.
        h. Connections with Teachers and Staff.
        i. Ability to have letters of recommendations from counselors and teachers for
           the college application process. Naviance will not work to inter-connect this
           with teachers.
        j. Trusted relationships with teachers to help during SAT/ACT and the college
           process, i.e., reviewing essays.

   3. Your Story of what your school and community mean to you.


   4. Equity for all of us. What about my equity?


   5. JUNIORS/SENIORS talk about the specific impact this would have on you!

       a. College/sports/Counselor/Leadership positions (voted on end of prior year)
           Teacher Aid positions in senior year. Capstone projects for Engineering or

           other classes.

   6. SLEEP

       a. We need our sleep. How long do you spend on Homework and Activities

          and then wake up for the bus now verses getting up earlier for a longer


   7. Your Story on your membership to Teams and Clubs and breaking those bonds.

      a. Sports Teams
      b. National Honor Society
      c. Its Academic
      d. Mock Trial
      e. Debate


  8. What the relationships to your Teachers and Coaches means to you.

     a. Helped you through situations.
     b. Stability