1. 3194 Elementary students reassigned

  2. 1,351 Middle School students reassigned

  3. 2,851 High Schools students reassigned

  4. Total students reassigned: 7,396

  5. Neighborhoods in a 1 mile radius from River Hill High school will have students going to 3 different high schools!

  6. Atholton sending 610 students out and receiving 471 students for a total turnover of 1081 students!!

  7. Atholton and Oakland Mills High school boundaries gets split in multiple sections and separating communities.

  8. River Hill is an under capacity school,  the proposal wants to move 478 students out and bring in 741 students in that is a net gain of 229 students. The total turnover of students will be 1229 students!!  That is a rate of over 80% of the school total capacity.  This is the highest turnover school in the county as proposed!!!

  9. The polygons that they propose to move from River Hill to Wilde Lake live about 1.5-3.5miles away from River Hill.  

  10. The proposal will TRIPLE the distance to about 6-9 miles away and increase commute times in the morning and for after school activities.

  11. The overall FARM rate of River Hill will increase from less than 5% to 5%. 

  12. The Proposal mentions to move 513 students from Atholton to River Hill.  

  13. The polygons that they propose to move live farther away to River Hill than communities closer to River Hill High School. Also the FARM rates of Atholton are less than 10%.